Since 2000, Maureen's interactive and integrated media work has been shown in Cambridge at Cinematic Thinking Outside Itself, MIST and the Cambridge International Film Festival; and at SATIS/Screen4All Transmedia, Paris; Southbank Centre and BAFTA, London; Ulster Festival of Art & Design, Belfast; DiGRA, Tokyo; Euro-iTV, Amsterdam; Women in Games, Newport; City Hall, Reykjavik; Fylkingen Centre for New Music & Intermedia Arts, Stockholm; Bella Centre, Copenhagen and Electrohype, Malmo. Maureen's feature-script adaptation of Anslavs Eglitis' 1930 novel, Homo Novus, with director Anna Viduleja, won its category in the Latvian Film Fund Centenary Competition and is due to open in Riga in September 2018 (https: // ).

Former Head of Screen Studies, National Film & Television School UK and Professor of Narrativity, Cinematurgy & Interactivity, Norwegian National Film School, Maureen has carried out practice-oriented research as Senior Creative Research Fellow, Narrativity Studio, University of Malm0; Visiting Artist, Media Lab, Aalto University, Helsinki and Senior Research Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge. From October 2018 she has been appointed Senior Artistic Research Fellow, CEFIMA (Centre of Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts), Oslo, to develop and produce her interactive virtual- and augmented-reality locative drama, Queens' Game, with SnowCastle and Expology, Oslo.

In Cambridge, Maureen has worked with the spatial organisation of narrative and integrated media performance since 1998, when, with Francois Penz (Fellow of Darwin College; since 2013 Professor of Architecture and the Moving Image), she co-founded, as Creative Director, the Cambridge University Moving Image Studio (CUMIS) - now the Digital Studio for Research in Design, Visualisation and Communication (DIGIS). Here Maureen has acted as co­investigator on international research projects, PhD supervisor and MPhil co-director. She helped develop the cross-departmental MPhil in ‘Film and Screen Studies' (MML), on which she taught Narrative Film and Interactive Screen Fiction.

As part of the DIGIS Cinematic Geographies of Battersea project ( geographies-of-battersea) Maureen co-devised, co-wrote and directed the locative i-phone app, GhostCinema (see Speed, Thomas & Barber. 2017. ‘Ghost Cinema App: Temporal Ubiquity and the Condition of Being in Everything', pp 313-336 in Penz & Koeck (eds), Cinematic Urban Geographies. London: Palgrave Macmillan.) Maureen remains a Senior Research Associate of DIGIS, where she focuses on dramatic storytelling, cinematurgy and interactivity. In 2018, she is working on the AHRC-supported international project CineMuseSpace: A Cinematic Musee Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences (P.I. Professor Francois Penz) (https: // Her Darwin Lecture, 'The power of Narrative: 2D, 3D, 4D' was published in (ed.) Blackwell, Alan and David MacKay: Power (pp. 51-76). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2005).