So intermarried are they with Wedgwoods, that it is impossible to consider the Darwin family as a separate phenomenon. Of the two sides of the Darwin–Wedgwood family one descends from the prominent 18th-century doctor Erasmus Darwin, the other from Josiah Wedgwood, founder of the pottery company, Josiah Wedgwood and Sons. Though the king of the dual family was Charles Darwin, there have been at least ten Fellows of the Royal Society in the family which has also included (there follows a very partial list) the golf writer Bernard Darwin (1876–1961); the potter Ursula Mommens (20 August 1908 – 30 January 2010) who was married to the surrealist painter Julian Trevelyan and whose son is the film-maker Philip Trevelyan (born 1943); Gwen's best friend and cousin, the poet Frances Cornford (1886–1960); the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872–1958); the poet John Cornford (1915–1936) who was a member of the International Brigades and died during the Spanish Civil War, brother of the artist Christopher Cornford (1917–1993); the anthropologist  Camilla Wedgwood (1901–1955); the author of this website William Pryor (born 1945); the sculptor Phyllida Barlow (born 1944); the screenwriter and director Matthew Chapman (born 1950); the poet Adam Cornford (born 1950); the conservationist and adventurer Chris Darwin (born 1961); the novelists Emma Darwin and Anna Raverat; the poet Ruth Padel; the conservationist and writer Randal Keynes (born 1948); the professor of anglo-saxon Simon Keynes (born 1952); the painter Lucy Raverat (born 1948); the film actor Skandar Keynes (born 1991) and the philosopher Ralph Wedgwood.